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Elk Grove Chiropractor

For years, our Elk Grove chiropractors have had a tradition of giving excellent care to all its chiropractic patients. Using proven treatments that are also natural and non-surgical, the Elk Grove chiropractor takes pride in serving the community with authentic concern to alleviate the pain and accompanying symptoms with the goal of regaining excellent health. That's why our Elk Grove chiropractors are considered a family chiropractic care center.

Each practice is predicated on a close examination of pain and dysfunction. The Elk Grove chiropractors have researched and studied many different chiropractic techniques to suit all patients’ needs and comfort levels. The patient's health is of utmost importance and every Elk Grove chiropractor can boast of accuracy in diagnosis.

The Elk Grove chiropractors have made it their life purpose to help others regain optimal health through chiropractic care. It's a long term process, and the Elk Grove chiropractor knows that over time, you will be able to live pain and problem free. The Elk Grove chiropractors also want to create a link between superior health and loftier expectations for long-term wellness through chiropractic care. Treatment with the Elk Grove chiropractor comes in the form of advanced chiropractic techniques, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle guidance.

It is the pleasure of our Elk Grove chiropractor to meet the particular needs of every patient using our skills and to exceed their expectations. To book your first appointment with one of the Elk Grove chiropractors, or to gain further information about chiropractic, please do not hesitate to call us. Our Elk Grove chiropractor is waiting to assist you!

Welcome From Dr. Chad Sundstrom
Dr. Chad Sundstrom

Living Well Clinic is located in Elk Grove, California, and has been serving the community and surrounding areas since 1979. We are an Alternative, State of the Art, Health Care Clinic offering: Chiropractic Treatment, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Exercise Treatment, Massage Therapy,...

The Beginnings and Focus of Chiropractic Care: The Principle of the Schooling of Chiropractic Practitioners
The history of chiropractic care can be traced a very far back. The employment of spinal adjustments to reduce pain and care for the lower extremities was discussed in Greek and Chinese writings...
Behaviors that Possibly Lead To Upper Back Unease and Chiropractic Remedies that Likely Alleviate Pain
Starting at the base of your skull, your cervical spine (also known as your neck) is made of seven vertebrae. Considering your head weighs quite a few pounds, your neck's responsibility of holding...
Pinpointing Subluxations in your Back Along with Knowing Relief Remedies
A "subluxation", in chiropractic terms, equals a dislocation of the vertebrae that negatively affects its functioning. The dislocation shows your chiropractic doctor where to perform the spinal...

Cant say enough great things. Wonderful staff, knowledgeable, convenient and so accommodating. Not your typical chiropractic office. Really believes in healing and...

Every time I go to this office I feel as if Im entering a day spa. There is always a scented candle burning, soft music playing in the exam rooms, and an extremely helpful...

(916) 287-0101